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Stefan Baumann

Stefan Baumann is an acclaimed landscape and wildlife artist who paints in oils on location and from his studio at the Grand View Ranch in Mount Shasta, California.

He grew up in the beautiful forest of Lake Tahoe, California, and after high school, he studied art and architectural history at Stanford University in 1980, and continued studying art and painting at the San Francisco Academy of Art University. Soon after completing his education, he began painting professionally placing his finished pieces in Gallery’s in California and Colorado as well in private collections such as the Reagan’s and Vanderbilt’s. He also began teaching oil painting classes in the Bay Area.

In 2004, he created and produced a PBS television series called, “The Grand View, America’s National Parks Through the Eyes of an Artist.” in which he discusses and demonstrates how to paint scenic locations at more than 20 National Parks.


He created a website at where he informs and promotes oil painting by offering video instruction, workshops, and posts with articles about creating art and being an artist.

Stefan Baumann believes that “Artists who paint from life, which includes still life painting in a studio and plein air painting on location, have a distinct advantage ..........

when creating original artwork because they can paint what they see and feel as they apply their paint to a canvas. This personal experience with the subject is not possible when copying another’s work or painting solely from the limited image of a photograph.” For the past 35 years, Stefan Baumann has been teaching the fine art of oil painting to enthusiastic art students in weekly classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now teaches classes in Mount Shasta, Redding and Medford.

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